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About Us

Who We Are


MOMLife Fitness is a fitness program for moms specializing in pre and post natal fitness classes. We want to help moms regain their potential both physically and emotionally. 

Our motto is:  Aspire to Inspire! Aspire to be your best while inspiring your children to live a healthy lifestyle! They are watching you momma!

We are all moms so we get it, sometimes life gets in the way of remembering to take time for yourself. This is one hour of your day that you can take back and we are here to support you to reach your goals. 

Join us any time for YOUR free class. We offer Stroller workouts and Barre Workouts in the Fort Smith area.

What to Expect


You will never come to the same class twice, each class will meet in the same place and we will travel from there. Our instructors create new classes everyday!

Children are required to be in a stroller or baby carrier for the duration on the class, you are however able to tend to them when needed and catch back up with us at the next station.  Class is run by a certified instructor who will provide all of the equipment needed. Please always bring:

A stroller with brakes


sunblock (outdoor class)

mat or towel for abdominal exercises

baby essentials and snacks

Eat a healthy breakfast or light snack before coming to class - this is very important if you are a nursing mother or just getting back into a fitness routine. 

Consider bringing a post-class snack with you, especially if you plan to stick around after class for awhile, we are moms and need to talk, get out of the house and let the kids play! We will hold a free playgroup after Friday classe. (Locations to post on our Facebook page)


We are all moms so we get it!

Our first priority is the happiness of your baby. We travel as a group and stop at regular intervals for body toning, you can always catch up with us if you fall behind. 

You will be required to sign a waiver before working out.

Our goal is that you achieve yours!


Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Always obtain your physician's approval before beginning any exercise routine. Unless you have a medical condition that limits you, your physician will typically give the thumbs up at 6 weeks postpartum. We encourage expectant moms to continue to exercise through their pregnancy as long as everything has been approved by their physician. Instructors are trained in both pre and post natal fitness and follow the ACOG guidelines. We can modify any exercise that poses an issue as you progress through your pregnancy.


These classes are created to be a workout, so be prepared to sweat... In just one hour you will get a complete body workout that will have you feeling energized, looking fit and ready to take on your day! Classes are designed for ALL different fitness levels and are taught by a certified instructor and personal trainer who is also a mom. During our stations, we use resistance bands, free weights, mini bands,  open fields, benches or steps and anything in the environment to give you a great workout!

We understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often times fails. There is always an adjustment period for you and your little ones when taking on new endeavor, but we are here to help you! Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle for you and your children.


Calendar of Classes and Events

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our blog: MOMLife, the real story

Moms Explain why MOMLife classes works for them.

Olivia, 26 MOMLife Instructor and mom of twins! 

Haley, 19.  Mom to Kinzley

Rachel, 27 

Mommy to Blue

Upcoming Events

MOMLife Matters: PPD and Anxiety Info Session

On February 27 join at the Fort Smith Public Library, Dallas Street location at 11:00am as we host Julie Scott LCSW from Mercy Hospital. She will discuss Postpartum Depression and Anxiety and how prompt treatment can help you manage your symptoms and help you bond with your baby. 

This is FREE to all moms in the Fort Smith Area! 

Every mom has a story, we want to hear yours!

As moms our daily lives revolve around situations and circumstances that could be written into documentary or sitcom. So this is your time to share!  As a moms we have all felt like we are isolated.  Well Momma, you are not alone. Our blog was created to get our triumps and hardships heard.  They are stories of love, loss, mental and physical hardships and laughter. If you have a story please consider letting us post it, you never know who needs to hear it.

 Message us of  more information.

MNO at the Van Buren Center for Art and Education

On March 8th from 6-8pm we will host a glass marbling class.   We have provide the supplies and pizza and non alcoholic beverages. However, feel free bring a glass item(s) as well as wine or beer of your choice. 

Fee is $25 and it will get you a yearly membership to the center!!

Menu / Price List

Currently accepting all major credit cards, cash or check for payments
Free Consultation for all Personal training. Measurements, Assesments and goals would be set up during this time

Run Club


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Run Club starts March 23 at Ben Geren Park. Our 6 week program will conclude with the Everyday Superhero 5k on May 4th! 

Meet the Instructors

Cheryl Stanley, Owner, Instuctor and CPT


Hi, My name is Cheryl Stanley, I recently relocated to the Fort Smith area because of my husbands job.  In July of 2016 I became a mommy to my beautiful daughter. I struggled trying to figure out who I was as a SAHM.  Three months after having my daughter and being diagnosed with PPD I joined a mom fitness group that changed my life.  Suddenly, I had a reason to leave the house everyday.  I met other moms struggling with the same things and together we grew and so did our children.  The experience was amazing. Just 5 months into joining I became a certified instructor for group exercise and Barre.  I love what I do now and have a passion to reach as many mommies as I can in the Fort Smith area. I also became a certified personal trainer so I can be even more accommodating if you are looking for a more one one one fitness program. However, I strongly encourage all moms to try a class for FREE.   I look forward to bringing this great program to you and your little ones. Aspire to Inspire! 

Why MOMLife?

This is an opportunity for moms to get out of the house OR even a rut being a mom has the burden of putting on us. MOMLife offers so much more than a gym does when it comes to motherhood and accountability. We are creating a community of moms and children making lifelong friendship and creating a healthy lifestyle for our families!

Olivia Parmley, Instructor

I took a chance and it changed me!

I’m Olivia, lover of blue bell ice cream, homemade pizza, and Dr Pepper. My family recently moved from Utah to Fort Smith, so my husband could attend medical school. I have always wanted a big family, but becoming parents was not easy for us. After four years of struggling with infertility we finally got our sweet miracle twins and they are our whole world. Between all the years of infertility and finally becoming a mother, I kind of lost myself. In November of 2017 a friend of mine saw a Facebook post about MOMLife Fitness. If we are being completely honest, working out was never really my jam... but I decided to go anyway. We attended that Monday and I left feeling more like me then I had in months. I knew that day I wanted other moms to feel the way I did. Four months later, I’m so excited to become an instructor and help motivate and encourage other moms to find themselves and live a healthy lifestyle. MOMLife Fitness is more than an exercise group, it’s a community of support in every aspect of motherhood. Every mom deserves to be a part of this. As Cheryl says, “The hardest part is getting to class.” We do so much for our families take just one hour out of your busy mom schedule to do something for YOU. You are worth it!

Amanda Maness, Run Club Coach

Running found me!

I'm a married Mommy who spends her time chasing after 3 little Girls, ages 5, 3  and 1. Although I moved away briefly, Fort Smith is my home. 

I joined MOMLife Fitness at it’s very first class. I was looking for motivation and accountability to get in shape after school drop off.   Cheryl's post about here class came at the perfect time! I was already out and about every morning so it all fell perfectly into place with what I was needing and wanting in my life. The community of moms that came with it was the icing on top of the cake and now I can not imagine my life without them!! 

I stumbled into running by accident. I have always enjoyed walking and was walking 5k‘s until I found MOMLife.  Cheryl and I started doing 5ks together in October of 2017 and after our first race I made the conscious decision that by my birthday in April I would run the whole thing.  I exceeded my own expectations and within 3 short months I was running and found a hidden passion for it. I have now run ten plus 5ks and one 10k. I will be running the St. Jude 10k in Memphis this coming December. 

 I absolutely love the freedom those miles bring, the clarity the moments allow and the comrodery the running community brings. 

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